We act on behalf of our investors either throughout the entire investment cycle or in specific phases.



Investment screening and assessment

Together with our investors we define their investment requirements and preferences. We discuss and evaluate key criteria such as targeted investment size, personal risk profile and investment horizon. Thereafter, the potential properties are compared with the investor’s investment profile and an initial feasibility study is conducted. Thus, ACALA Capital Investors’ expertise reveals the potentials of the properties as well as the possible “deal breakers”. This analysis provides our investors with a well-founded basis for their decision.

Property acquisition and financing

A successful property acquisition is determined by a thorough financial, technical, commercial and legal due diligence process in order to evaluate opportunities and risks in the best possible manner. ACALA Capital Investors controls this acquisition and financing process and develops the initial asset strategy.

Based on the analysis and considering the current environment of the real estate and capital markets, we derive the purchase price and lead the negotiations. We represent our investors throughout all phases of the acquisition process so that their time commitment is minimised.

If requested, we will also provide support with the financing, for example by contacting banks, preparing the necessary documentation and assisting in the contractual negotiations.

Property takeover and strategy creation

A value-enhancing development of a property begins with the takeover. We review and verify the documents provided as well as select the optimal service providers, such as property and facilities managers, who significantly contribute to the successful development of the property.

Following the property’s acquisition, ACALA Capital Investors will begin the development of a detailed strategy and substantiate it with a comprehensive business plan. The budget contributes to execution certainty and is subject to approval by the investor. The direct influence of our investors represents a key component of our investment philosophy.

Strategy implementation

During the strategy implementation, aimed at a rapid increase in investment value, ACALA Capital Investors is in charge of coordinating and monitoring all involved parties. The best external partners are engaged for each assignment. The central control via ACALA Capital Investors enables continuous quality control as well as a regular evaluation of the value-enhancing measures. All of this ensures an efficient and effective implementation of the strategy. We regularly provide our investors with progress updates – as transparency represents a key component of our firm’s philosophy.

Property sale

A target-oriented sales process at the end of the real estate cycle unlocks the added value for our investors. After a successful implementation of the strategy, the sales process is initiated and managed by ACALA Capital Investors. We engage required external service providers such as estate agents and lawyers, define the buyer universe and manage the preparation of the data room as well as the coordination with potential buyers. Finally, we negotiate the sale and purchase agreement and control the sale throughout to the entire process.