The company

We are an independent, privately-owned real estate consulting and management company based in Hamburg

Our strategy enables investors to successfully invest in retail and residential properties that have an elevated risk profile and a high return potential. Independent, privately-owned and performance oriented.

Typical investments are usually made outside metropolitan areas or require specific expertise to revitalise the properties. With this strategy, ACALA Capital Investors is able to offer its investors investments in core + and value-add products which would otherwise not be considered given higher management overhead and required specialist knowledge. Together with ACALA Capital Investors you will benefit from the potential of this real estate investments. Our expertise and our network of experts enables a successful turnaround and provides optimal management of real estate.

We work in a transparent and efficient manner

  • Access to complex properties: investors are able to invest in properties which are often disregarded due to lack of specialist knowledge and management time
  • Direct investment: investors are able to invest directly into the preferred property
  • Maximum control: investors are able to determine the asset’s strategy
  • Single source management: central control throughout the entire investment cycle enables an efficient implementation of the investment strategy
  • Lean structures: investors are guaranteed an optimal flow of information
  • Efficient use of resources: no fixed contractual partners, service providers are sourced from the network if required